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Alloys (Lead and Tin)
John Walters   email:

Antique and Classic Gun Dealers

William Goodman Guns (Ballard/Shiloh Sharps)

Quinlan’s Collector Arms   (215) 766-3403
Trapdoors Galore
Jim Goergen Collector’s Firearms 
(internet Firearms Industry & Trade Directory)   

Auction Sites
James Julia
Little John’s

Black Powder (see “Shooter’s Supplies” for more)
Goex Black Powder
• Coonies   800-713-6321 (Maine);
• Powder, Inc.
Upper Missouri Trading Co.

Brass Cases
Buffalo Arms
Starline Brass

Bullets & Bullet Moulds
Colorado Shooter’s Supply
Montana Precision Swaging, Butte, MT (406) 494-0600
Pioneer Products   (937) 839-4363
Tru-Bore Bullet Moulds

The Leatherman (Accu-Riser)

Buffalo Arms
Jeff Outfitters
Gun Boxes/Carts: Cal-Graf Design

Case Coloring
Adobe Walls Forge   email:
Wyoming Armory   (417) 682-3330

Casting and Loading Products
Breechseater, Russ Weber
CabineTree, LLC
Huntington Die Specialities
Mi-Te Bullets (casting alloys/tin-cast bullets)   (785) 472-4575 (Kansas)
Montana Precision Swaging (406) 494-0600
John Walters (tin/wads)   (405) 799-0376

Cleaning Equipment
Bore Rider Barrel Care Products

Ken Hurst

Gun Dealers
Cherry’s Fine Firearms
Cimarron Firearms
Dixie Gun Works
Wyoming Armory

Gun Smiths
John King, King Machine Service   (406) 755-5352 (Montana)

Lee Shaver   (417) 682-3330
Ron Snover (IXL Enterprises)   (423) 234-0184

Leather Goods
Wolf Ears

Pioneer Products   (937) 839-4363
Shaver Moly Lube   (417) 682-3330
SPG, Inc.

Black Powder Cartridge News
Cistern Publishing
Cornell Publications
National Congress of Old West Shooters
National Rifle Association
Remington Society of America Journal
Wolfe Publishing Co.

Wolf’s Western Traders

High Plains Reboring and Rerifling

Reloading Dies
C-H Tool & Die


Schuetzen Gun Company (single shot rifles)

Rifle Manufacturers
Axtell Rifle Co.
CPA Rifles (Stevens)
C. Sharps (Sharps, Winchesters)
Dave Crossno Gun Service
Meachem (Winchester)
Pedersoli (Rolling Block, Sharps, Trapdoor)
Schuetzen Gun Company (single shot rifles)
Shiloh Sharps
U.S. Firearms Mfg. Co.

Shooter’s Supplies
Buffalo Arms
Dixie Gun Works
Hodgdon Powder
Jeff Outfitters
Lyman Products
Midway USA
Pioneer Products   (937) 839-4363
Robert Smith, Lock Tumbler   (307) 754-9492

Baldwin Sights 
Hoke Long Range ph: (717) 848-4276 or
Jeff’s Oufitters
Lee Shaver   (417) 682-3330
Montana Vintage Arms
Red River Sights (formerly Parts Unknown)

Spotting Scopes and Stands
Champion Shooters Supply
John Rigby & Company

Vintage Clothing
Red Willow Dry Goods   (406) 777-3332

John King, King Machine Service   (406) 755-5352 (Montana)
John Walters   (405) 799-0376

Wind Flags
Pioneer Products   (937) 839-4363

Wood and Stocks
CPA Rifles (Stevens)
Dave Crossno Gun Service
Dominick Pisano
Treebone Carving

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