Back Issues of The Single Shot Exchange

The following is an index of feature articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating back to the first issue of the magazine, June 1991. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa 1800s.

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October 2016

Adjusting Rifle Sights

Product Review: Cornell Publications

Does the Powder Matter?

One Fabulous Marlin

Mallory Run Duet

Press Release: Starline Brass

How to Properly Clean Your Barrel

Funny Thing

September 2016

The .25 Caliber Rim-Fire Cartridge

What Comes First?

The Good, the Bad, and the Really Irritating!

Tip and the Wood Rabbit

Whats in a Dovetail?

Product Review: Trapdoor Grip Caps

A Funny Thing

August 2016

Lubricants and Lubricating Bullets

The Most Prized, Collectible, and Expensive Gun in the World?

Mystery Rifle

Trigger Jobs

Product Review: Case Polishing Spinners

A Funny Thing

July 2016

Small and Large Caliber Compared

How I Reload the .297/230 Morris LSB Cartridge

The 1886, My Favorite Winchester

The Last Shot

A Funny Thing

June 2016

The Art of Bullet Making

Stevens Rifles and Their Cartridges

Winchester Model 1885 AKA Low Wall

A Grain of Truth?

Press Release: Starline Brass

What Were They Thinking?

A Funny Thing

May 2016

Notes on the Rifle

L.L. Hepburn - The Gunsmith of Colton

Winter Work

Chamber Casts & Impact Impressions

Civilian/Commercial Springfield 1875 Officers Sporting Rifle

A Funny Thing

April 2016

American Riflemen of the Past

A Pair of Pacifiers

Current Events

Shooting Short Case

Straight Wall BP Cartridges

The Care and Feeding of the Muzzleloading Rifle, Pt. 1

Here's How I Did It!

A Funny Thing

March 2016

Revolver Shooting & Targets

With a Stevens Rifle

S&F Queries and Replies

German Target Rifles

The 1893 Marlin

Back When Guns Were Cheap

Press Release: Hodgdon 2016 Annual Manual

The World Championship Experience

A Funny Thing

February 2016

About Rifle Cartridges

About Rifle Cartridges (A Continuation)

A J.P. Lower Sharps?

The Blue Whistler

A Mould Handle Clamper for the Bullet Caster

Press Release: Starline Brass

A Funny Thing

January 2016

Reloading Rifle Cartridges

In Response... (Barnes to Exchange)

Another Way to Skin a Cat

A High Wall in .45 Express

Not All Marlins

The Savage Sporter

I Have Had a Little Fun Over the Years with Antique Firearms

Press Release: IMR Legendary Powders

A Funny Thing

December 2015

American Rifles and Revolvers

The Christmas Tree Buck

Springfield 50-70

38-55 and 38-50 Remington

.56 Cal Colt Revolving Rifle

Press Release: Starline Brass

Who Was J.P. Gemmer?

The Affliction

November 2015

The .25 Calibre Central Fire Rifle

A New .25 Calibre Rim-Fire Rifle and Cartridge...and More

The Problem with Wheel Guns

The Care and Feeding of the Muzzle Loading Rifle, Pt 3

In Memory: Paul A. Matthews

A New Career for an L.C. Smith

Book Review: Papa Ted's Guns

A Funny Thing

October 2015

Sights for Sporting Rifles

Rifle Sights

Product Recall: IMR Powders

Confessions of a Single Shot Collector: Maynards!!

My First Single Shot

The Care and Feeding of the Muzzle Loading Rifle, Pt 2

A Rambling History of Long Range Shooting

A Funny Thing

September 2015

Chat About Hunting

My Model 95 in 7.62x54R

A 2000 Meter Shot with a Black Powder Muzzle Loader

The Care and Feeding of the Muzzleloading Rifle, Pt 1

When Guns Were Cheap

A Funny Thing

August 2015

The .25 Calibre Rifle

J. Stevens Arms & Tool Catalog: Ideal No. 4

Why Me?

BP Curves & Bullet Obturation

Paper Patch Bullet "D" Reamer and Shop-Made Casting Mold

A Funny Thing

July 2015

Bullet Making

Experience in Bullet Making

The Great 32-40

Haenel K.K. Sport, .22 LR


Bye Bye Bullard

A Funny Thing

June 2015

A Pocket Rifle

The Resurrection of the Peabody Rifle

How the 1881 Marlin Came to Be

My Favorite Rifle

The Pope on the Tractor

A Funny Thing

May 2015

Improvements in .22 Calibre Cartridges

The .38-55 and I, Part II

The Springfield Trapdoor

The Door Stop Sharps

Press Release: Happy Trails Children's Home

A Funny Thing

April 2015

A Practical Rifleman's Experience

The .38-55 and I, Part I

The 1881 Marlin

A Tale of Two Remingtons

Accurising the Repro .577 Enfield

Product Review: Steve Earle Products

One Good First Shot

A Funny Thing

March 2015

Reloading Rifle Ammunition

How to Make Your Own Targets

Product Review: Ultimate Cartridge Check System

40-60 Marlin (aka 40-65)

Lapping a Gain Twist Barrel

That One Buck

Press Release: Starline Brass

A Funny Thing

February 2015

Experiments with a .32 Caliber Rifle

Rifle Cranks and Their Hobbies

S&W 3rd Model Target - 38-44 Reloading

Press Release: Hodgdon Powder

38-40 and 44-40 The Cowboy Combo

The Richochet

Press Release: Starline Brass

A Funny Thing

January 2015

Palm Rest vs Offhand Rifle Shooting

A Rifle Soliloquizes

A Ballad About A Ballard

Beware of the Add-ons

A Funny Thing

December 2014

Natt's Christmas

An Everglade Christmas

The Pistol That Went to Church

Loading Unusual Cartridges Part IV

Pimm's Cup and a Goose Gun

A Funny Thing

November 2014

Ancient and Modern Rifles

Loading Unusual Cartridges Part III

An Extraordinary Shot

The Little Company That Did

The 45-70 Fiasco Part II

My Summer Vacation with My Grandparents

A Funny Thing

October 2014

A Meeting of Friends

Loading Unusual Cartridges Part II

John C. Willis, Alaska's Guncraftsman

A Lesson Learned

Casting and Stuff

Press Release: Boyds Gunstocks

A Funny Thing

September 2014

A Bear Story for Young Hunters

Loading Unusual Cartridges Part 1

Ben Barker: In Memoriam

Back in the Day

It's Not A 45-70

Just How Smart Are Crows?

Book Review: Browning Model 1885

A Funny Thing

August 2014

A Rifleman's Investigation


32 WCF aka 32-20


The Ranger and the Grouse

Book Review: J.P. Clabrough, Birmingham Gunmaker

A Funny Thing

July 2014

The Improved Rifle Targets

A Single Shot Was All She Needed

The 45-70 Fiasco

Every Bullet Has A Twist

Bullet Bump

A Funny Thing

June 2014

The .25-21 Cartridge

Rifles - Stevens Ideal "Range" No. 45

Think Small

Press Release: Cimarron Firearms

The Greenhill Formula


A Funny Thing

May 2014

Twists of Rifling in .22 Caliber Arms

Pistols Model Lord No. 36

Pistols Model Gould No. 37

Pistols Model Conlin No. 38

Stevens-Pope Barrels

Book Review: H.M. Pope Hartford 1887-1901

Every Bullet Has a Tale - Finale

Shooting a 45-70

America of My Youth

A Funny Thing

April 2014

An Illinois Vacation

December 1, 1939

Book Review:  The Gun Book for Girls

Every Bullet Has a Tale Pt 3

Rescuing a Vintage Lyman Sight

News Release: Young Guns Program Selections

A Funny Thing

March 2014

The .25-30 Stevens and Other Rifles

Rifles- Model-Ideal "Lady Model" No. 55

.25-20 Stevens C.F.

"Be Backers" and a 50-90 Sharps

Every Bullet Has a Tale Pt 2


What Can Go Wrong?

A Funny Thing

February 2014

Memories of an Old-Time California Rifleman

Press Release: USIMLT Fundraiser Rifle

A .30-30 Swede

Every Bullet Has a Tale

A Funny Thing

January 2014

Squirrel Hunting in the South

.22 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Association

Denver Rifle Club New Year's Day Shoot

Big Fun in a Small Package

Product Review: Tennessee Bullet Molds Sizing Die

Popeye's Girlfriend

A Funny Thing

December 2013

A Christmas in the Overflow

Quest for 45-70 Caribou - Partt II

Product Review: MVA "B" Series Scope

Recoil in  Rifles - Letter to the Editor

Fun with My Hundred-Dollar Hungarian

Which One Is Best? Part Three

A Funny Thing

November 2013

Recoil in Rifles

Product Review: Ballwright .45 cal. Hand Reloading Kit

A Bucket List Buffalo Hunt

Which One Is Best? Part Two

A Funny Thing

October 2013

What Rifle Shall I Select? Part 4

Wanted, A Perfect Rifle

The Lost Gun

Beasley and Perdue

Which One Is Best? Part One

Press Release: "The Brass Facts"

A Funny Thing

September 2013 

What Rifle Shall I Select? Part 3

Quest of 45-70 Caribou...Part 1, Getting an Accurate Load

A Versatile Shop-made Front Rest Platform for the Serious Benchrester

Duplicating Remington's Factory High Grade Finish


Product Review: GOEX Olde Eynsford Powder

A Funny Thing

August 2013

What Rifle Shall I Select? Part 2

Old Mould

A Technique for Enhancing...Tiger Maple Stock

Have Been Thinkin'...About An Old Stevens Model 35

Product Review: Bullseye Camera System

A Funny Thing

July 2013

What Rifle Shall I Select? Part 1

Old Man Stone

Product Review: Pedersoli's Guns Turbo Cleaner

The Crown in the Jewel

Time Marches On

A Funny Thing

June 2013

Duck Shooting with a .22 Caliber Rifle

Offhand Rifle Shooting

Finding a Sharps

Spring Ice-Breaker at Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Book Review: Broadfoot Publishing

A Funny Thing

May 2013

Grouse Shooting with the .22 Short Cartridge

Visible Loader

Big and Heavier Is Better

Breaking in a Barrel

A Funny Thing

April 2013

Kids, Cans and Bottle Caps

A Discussion on Gain Twist vs. Straight Twist

What Makes a Champion BPCR Silhouette Shooter?

An Unscheduled Match

A Funny Thing

March 2013

The Point of Least String Measurement

Stuff (to shoot, reload, transport and maintain vintage single shot rifles)

The Evolution of Targets and Scoring Shots

I Choose A Rifle, Part 2

A Funny Thing

February 2013

The Proper and Absurd Use of the Rifle

Dry Fire

I Choose a Rifle (Pt. 1)

A Funny Thing

January 2013

Threshing Old Straw

A Proper Breech Seater

The Farrow Rifle and Me

A Funny Thing

December  2012

Christmas at Beech Hill Camp

How Accurate is Accurate Enough?

Anatomy of a Project

Allan and Granddad's .44-40 Colt Lightning

A Funny Thing

November 2012

Making Parts of Guns


Birthday Grouse

October 2012

A Rifleman's Retrospect


Noseguard for Tang Sight Rifles

Danny Boy

September 2012

Experimenting with the .25-20 Rifle

A Pennsylvania Riflewoman

Berthier and Gras: A Tale of Two Rifles

The Stevens No. 44-1/2 Ideal English Model


August 2012

Gus Zimmerman at Vienna

He Is A Dead Shot.

Bogus Guns

Butt Plate Trap

Anneal or Not to Anneal?

The Ultimate Stevens Single Shot Rifle No. 44-1/2 Ideal

Book Review: British Single Shot Rifles, Vol. 7

Report from the Bayshore Sportsman Club

July 2012

Unaccountable Shots in Long Range Shooting

Vintage Glass Redux

A Stevens 410 Double

The Stevens Ideal M44 Rifle

A Rare Rolling Block Experience

What It's All About

June 2012

Position in Rifle Shooting

Paper Patched Bullets for BP Cartridges

The Whitney, the Other Rolling Block Rifle

Falling Block Elk

In Memoriam: William Roth, Jr.

If Only My Old '94 Could Tell the Story

Book Review: Rigby, A Grand Tradition

May 2012

Individual Championship Rifle Match

Vintage Glass

A Brown Mfg Ballard Musket Converted into a Sporting Rifle

Fitting a Webley Side by Side Outside Hammer Action

So Where Do I Start?

April 2012

Cervus to Mr. Rabbeth

A Line Throwing Single Shot

The Dakota Model 10 Single Shot

A Stevens M1875 Tip-Up Sporting Rifle..,

Porch Hunting

Dad's Two Shots

March 2012

Collecting Single Shot Rifles

A Bullet for All Seasons

A Stevens M1872 Tip-Up Sporting Rifle Conversion

The Golden Age: Hunting with a Little Single Shot 22

Mending a Broken Stock

A Way of Life

February 2012

Telescope Sights and Mountings

A Tyro's Guide to Powder and Ball, Part 2

A Unique Stock Bolt Design

Testing BRC Barrels

In Memoriam: David C. Higginbotham, Lone Star Rifle Co.

The Stevens M1872 Tip-Up Sporting Rifle

January 2012

Christmas Sport in Canada

More from Shooting & Fishing: Women and Their Guns

Managing the Gun Collectors Wife: The Sweet Sound...

A Crack-Shot Christmas

A Tyros Guide to Powder and Ball, Part 1

December 2011

Reloading Rifle and Pistol Ammunition

More from Shooting & Fishing: Rifle Ammunition

Comblain, Part 4 

My New Long Range Borchardt

The Swiss M1864/67 Stutzer M-L Rifle Conversion to Cartridge

News Releases from: 1) C. Sharps Arms 2) Team Starline

Contributors Corner

News Release from Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics

November 2011

The Beginnings of International Rifle Match Shooting

Salvaging Harveys Guns

The Swiss Jagergewehr M1856/67 and Infanteriegewehr  

   M1863/67 Muzzle Loading Rifle Conversion to Cartridge

You Done All Right, Boy

The Luxus Arms Story and the New Model 11 Rifle

October 2011

Further Studies on .30 Caliber Ammunition

Buck & Ball

The Great Rifle Match of 1854 & A Modern Reinactment

The Fort Klock Muzzle-Loading Target Rifle

A Ball & Williams Civil War Era Ballard, Part 3

September 2011

The International Rifle Match of 1880

English Rifle Notes

Comblain, Part 3

So You Cant Shoot with Iron Sights?

Another Ball & Williams Civil War Era Ballard, Part 2

August 2011

Nitro-Powders in Rifles.

Comblain, Part 2

The Monarch

Sharps: The Slantbreech Models

Restorative Welding

Ball & Williams Civil War Era Ballard, Part 1

July 2011

Confessions of a Rifleman, Nos. 2 and 3



The Swiss Military Cartridge

Thief! Thief!

A Taste of Dear Folks

June 2011

For the Boys: The Art of Rifle Shooting.

Product Review: Z-CORR FSP Bags  

Box for a Vintage Scope

The Making of a 50/70 Snyder Enfield

The W. Wurfflein No. 1 Sporting and Gallery Rifle

The Flintlock Season

May 2011

For the Boys: The Art of Rifle Shooting.


Red River Relic, Part 6 (Putting on the Fecker)

Once Upon a Lifetime

A Norwegian Tennstemple...

April 2011

Confessions of a Rifleman, No. 1

The Problem In Rifle Telescopes

Casting Really Good Bullets

Get the Lead Out!

A German System-Zeller Martini

The Gray Ghosts of Mallory Run

A Mannilicher

March 2011

Brownings First Rifle, Part 2

Muzzleloader Emergency!, Part 2

My Little Ranger

Book Review: Browning Model 1885 BPCR

The Search for Frontier Firepower, Part 7 (Final Part)

February 2011

Brownings First Rifle

Muzzleloader Emergency!

GaugeMate Resurrects My 14 Gauge

The Search for Frontier Firepower, Part 6

The Jacob Rupertus Twist-Open .45-70 Rifle

34 ~ Books for Sale

Catalog Review: Jeff's Outfitters, Vol. VII, Issue I

January 2011

While the Evil Days Come Not

Vintage Military Rounds

CabineTree Lead Hardness Tester

The Great Kansas Buffalo Hunt

The Ghost of Old Tip

December 2010

The Rifle in the Revolution, Part 4

A Universal Alloy

A Few Small Things

The .44/40 Cartridge & the Search for Frontier Firepower, Part 5

November 2010

The Rifle in the Revolution, Part 3


A Daughter, A Bear & My .45-70 Single Shot

Fun with a Beaumont

The .44/40 Cartridge & the Search for Frontier Firepower, Part 4

  (Note: in this issue Contents, it is mis-printed as Part 3)

October 2010

The Rifle in the Revolution, Part 2

Spotting, Part 3

My First Trip to Bannerman's

Loading the Little .32s

The .44/40 Cartridge & the Search for Frontier Firepower, Part 3

September 2010

The Rifle in the Revolution

Spotting, Part 2

The .44/40 Cartridge & the Search for Frontier Firepower, Part 2

A Remington Rolling Block from Switzerland

Product Review: Stevens-Pope Tang Sight

August 2010

Western Rifleman in Gotham, Part II

Spotting, Part 1

The .44/40 Cartridge & the Search for "Frontier Firepower"

A Scope for Sore Eyes

On the Reforming of .357 Mag. Brass to .32 Miller Short

July 2010

Western Rifleman in Gotham

Little Things Mean A lot

"A Kid in the Toy Store"

If Only That Gun Could Talk

The Straight Scoop on Mirage

Book Review: Gun Digest Book of the .22 Rifle

June 2010

A Squirrel Hunt in Connecticut

Red River Relic, Part 5

The Line of Recoil

An Austrian Werndl M1877 Sporterized Carbine

Feeding a .25 Stevens Rimfire

May 2010

Rifle Gossip

Red River Relic, Part 4

Who Is Jim?

Single Shots & Texas Hogs

A Pair of .22 Caliber Short Gallery Rifles

Product Review: Gun Digest of the .22 Rifle

April 2010

The .22 Calibre Long Rifle Cartridge in a Stevens Rifle

Bench Styx

Buffalo Hunt, Part 2

Thoughts on BP Cartridge Rifle Cleaning

Book Review: Matthews Dear Folks; Layman Remington RB Military Rifles

March 2010

Shooting with a Small Bore Rifle, Part 2

Slick-Sided Bullets

Starline Purchase Improves Efficiencies

There Is No Magic Bullet, Part 2

Buffalo Hunt

February 2010

Shooting with a Small Bore Rifle, Part 1

A Range for All Seasons

The Slug Gun

There Is No Magic Bullet, Part 1

January 2010

Ben Thayer's Christmas

New BACO Moulds

44-70 Maynard

Product Review: Wolf Ears Cartridge Belts

My Browning 1885 BPCR in 40-65

Metallurgy Notes

December 2009

Portrait of a Friend: John P. Lower

Red River Relic, Part 3

The Austrian Werndl M1877 Carbine

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 5

It All Started with a Single Shot

November 2009

Caribou Hunting in Newfoundland

Red River Relic, Part 2

Restoring a .43 Spanish Rolling Block

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 4

October 2009

Sights and 'Scopes

Red River Relic

A Swiss Martini Rifle

Milestone Hunt

September 2009

Sights and Scopes

Tuning for Accuracy: Iron Sights

A Tale of Two Primer Wads

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 3

Metallurgy of Bullet Casting

Book Review: Alfred Henry Lewis' Old Wolfville

August 2009

Notes on Shooting Glasses


A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 2

Rowell Ladle Use

Book Review: Remington Rolling Blocks

The 1873 Winchester as a Hunting Rifle

July 2009

Three May Days.

The Case of the Missed Peccaries..,

Mirage of the Spotting Scope

"Managing" the Gun Collector's Wife

Tribute to Wild Bill Elliott

June 2009

Special vs. Factory Barrels

A Brief Look at Fillers


A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 1

A German Side Lever Martini by F. Bauernfeind

Book Review: British Single Shot Rifles, Vol. 6; Gun Powder Cans & Kegs, Vol. 2;The Last Furlough

May 2009

Telescopes and Telescopic Sights by Iron Ramrod

The Resurrection of an Old Soldier to New Life

The Swedish Also Liked the .32-20 WCF

The Heavy-Barreled Ruger Single Shot .45-70, Part 2

The Best Military Action

Building an Original Target Rifle, Revisited

April 2009

The Judge's Little Shoot

Shooting the Core Group

Failure to Communicate

The Heavy-Barreled Ruger Single Shot .45/70

The Evolution of a Front Rest for Benchrest Shooting

A Lebel Lives On

March 2009

Notes on Guns and Gunnery Drift

The M'Bean Telescope Sight

SR4759 in a .45-70 BPCR

Battlefield Pickup, Part 2

Book Review: Aagaards African Adventures

A Little Forced Air in Bullet Casting

The Other Starr Breechloading Rifle

Reloading for a Really Big Single Shot

February 2009

Reloading .22-Calibre Central Fire Cartridges

Another Look at Wads

The Remington M1879 Argentine Rifle,Part 2

Grease Cookies

A Set Trigger for "the Sharps That Never Was"

The .38-90 Express, Part 2

January 2009

Maine Moose Hunting

Steve Brooks' New Cutoff Plate

Four Stacker

The Remington Model 1879 Argentine Rifle

An Unusual Swiss M1851 Stutzer

December 2008

The All-Round Rifle

Wanted: A Tang Sight We Can Clean Under

A Time Analysis of Casting Bullets and Case Preparation for a Long Day's Shoot

2008 World Creedmoor: A Great Time Was Had by All!

The Swiss M1897 Single Shot Schmidt-Rubin Cadet and GP90 Ammunition, Part II

November 2008

Light and Heavy Bullets and Their Use.

Battlefield Pickup

Semi-Fixed Ammunition in the .45-70

Reloading and Shooting the Greene Breechloading Bolt Action Rifle

Nitre Bluing: A Tall Step Up from Cold Bluing...

October 2008

Conquering a Stubborn Rifle

Adventures in Handloading the 577-.450, Part 2

Low-Temperature Alloys in BPCR

Return to Shawnee Flat

BenchrestDies for BPCR?

Book Review: More How-To's for the BPCR Shooter

Tech Tips

September 2008


Why Not A .32-20?

Adventures in Handloading the 577-.450, Part 1

The 2008 Quigley Rifle Match

Review: Cartridge Belt and Arming the Westbook

August 2008

Modern Powders in BP Rifles

The Merit No. 3 Master Disc

The Remington No. 2 and the .22 Rimfire Cartridge

C.Sharps Arms M1874 Sharps in .38-55 WCF

Product Review: G2FNS 120 Super Scope

July 2008

Lee Straight Pull Rifle

The Mythological Sharps "Big Fifty"

Tuning for Accuracy: Stock Repair

The Potato Ricer

June 2008

Cervus to Greenwood

Creating a Gemmer Tang

An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery

This Year Do A Gong Shoot

The .38-90 Express

The .25-20 WCF

Opportunity Drawing Benefits: Abused Children

Product Review: Windgauge Front Sight

A Cheap Rolling Block

May 2008

Nitro Powders in Rifles

Tuning for Accuracy: Disassembly & Cleaning 101

Making a .45 Caliber LDPE Jag

The .338 Brewer Schuetzen Cartridge

Tech Tips: A Neat Little "Gizmo" for Your Bench

Re-Doing An Old Rolling Block

My 125-Year Old Marlin Ballard Farwest

April 2008

A Homily on the .25 Caliber

Tuning for Accuracy: Fitting Barrel Bands

Choosing Your "Side Match" .22 Rimfire Rig

Albert G. Warriner, A Biography

March 2008

Mountain Echoes

Fire Forming Brass

Sharps .45 Caliber Long Range Bullet

Building a Gemmer Trapdoor Springfield

February 2008

Rifle Gossip, How to Keep Your Rifles in Good Order

The Creedmoor Bullet

Out on a Limb

The .32 Brewer Schuetzen Cartridge

Three Men from Arizona

Single Shot .22 Rimfires & Steel Varmints

January 2008

Christmas at Perry's

Globe Sights

A Tale of Two 22's

Charlie's Casting Ladle

Conversion of a Sharps

Starline Rolls Out New 38/55 Brass Case

December 2007

Thanksgiving Notes.

"Minie," Part 2

Apertures for Aging Eyes

A Trapdoor and the Lives It Touched


Puff-Lon Lapping Ballistic Filler

"Zorro" Lube

November 2007

A Maine Hunting Trip

"Minie," Part 1

Schuetzen Goes Smokeless

The Uberti 1885 Reproductions

Tech Tips: Dealing with Broken Screws

October 2007

How the Freund Improvement Works

Selecting a Cast Bullet

Cimarron/Uberti Low Wall .22

1863 New Model Sharps

Wheel Weights and Casting Flux

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

September 2007

Freund Bros. Inventions and Improvements

A Tyro's First Match

Cause for Concern

The Bullet Casting Ladle

Report on 2007 Summer Matches

August 2007

An English Rifleman and Author

A Mayor and a Rifleman on Rifles and Missiles

A Search for the Missing Link

How I Made That Rifle Shoot

"Squirrel Assasin's" Pocket Rifle

The Edwards Plateau

Restoration: Bargain or Not?

Product Review: Scope Stand

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

July 2007

The .30-40 Rifle, Part 2

Accuracy with the BPCR, Part 2

Paper Patched Bullets in a 45/90 Sharps

Book Review: Remington .22 Rimfire Rifles

Now Forming "Friends of Billy Dixon" Match Events

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

June 2007

The .30-40 Rifle

Accuracy with the BPCR

Neck Tension

The Ivey Drop Tube

In Review: RangeMate & Paper Patched Bullets book

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

May 2007

Rifle Rests.

Optics Options

Old West Bullet Moulds

So Who Needs Rifling?

Resurrection: 50-70 Remington RB

Pedersoli 1874 Model Sharps

April 2007

The National Bundesfest, Part 2.

Vernier Sights

Magic Combos for a 40/90 Sharps BN

March 2007

The National Bundesfest

Lapping the Mould

A Sight Solution

The Project: BSA Martini Conversion

A Remington RB in 50-110

More About Cleaning BP Firearms

A Model 1879 Remington RB

February 2007

Cartridges, Part II

38 Express: The First 375 Magnum

M-72 Whitney, Part II

Hunting with Paper Patch Bullets

The Martini 25 Cal Krag

January 2007

A Christmas Outing

A British Stalking Rifle

Proper Cleaning of the BP Arm

M-72 Whitney

Ramblin' About Youth Rifles

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

December 2006

Cartridges, Part 1

The Swiss M1897

The Rising of My Stevens Phoenix

I'll Bet You Didn't Know

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

November 2006

Zettler Rifle Club Tournament

A Summer Spent with Two Old Tip-Ups

Handloading the 50-70

The Swiss M1870

Catching the Single Shot Bug

NSSA's First Long Range Match

October 2006

Vacation Echoes, Part 2

At Last, An Adjustable Trapdoor Tumbler

2006 PA State BPCR Silhouette Championship


The 2006 Nationals

Bumping a 45-60

Taming the .45-70

The Buffalo Hunt

An Abused Stevens 44-1/2 Rifle

September 2006

Vacation Echoes, Part 1

Another Look at the Lyman 457677 Tapered Bullet

Building an Original Target Rifle

Adventures with the 40-70 SS

So You Want to Shoot Offhand

Old Rifles Re-Barreled or Re-Lined

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

August 2006

Modern American Rifles

The Hand Shaketh & the Eye Groweth Dim

The Swedish M1867/89: Remington RB Revisited

A Wurfllein in .22 Caliber

A Unique Stock Bolt Design

My Fancy Deluxe Ballard-Pope

Book Review: NY Firearms Trade

July 2006

Concerning Scopes

Blow Tube or Wipe Between Shots?

My Dad's .410

Centennial Rifle

The Pape Rook

A Rifle by the Other Wesson

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

June 2006

The .30-40 Rifle, Part II

CPA Project Rifle, Part IV

Long Range BP in the Great White North

Pan Lubricating Bullets

Swedish M1867 Remington RB

Affordable Brass Borescope

Silver Screen Legend IX

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

May 2006

The .30-40 Rifle

Collecting Single Shots: My Pope

The Mauser M1871

A 50-70 Remington Rolling Block

Tech Tips from Greg Cameron

Starline Brass: New Cowboy Calibers

Trail Boss: New Powder from IMR

Beating the Winter Blues

April 2006

The Old Fashioned Rifle

Pay Attention to Details

Two Old Friends

The Borchardt Supremacy: Model 1878 Sharps

Squib Loads for Single Shot Rifles

Bullets: Patched and Non-Patched

Home Is Where the Hardware Is

March 2006

Selecting a Rifle

A Primer Pocket Bushing Extractor

Tech Tips with Greg: Affordable Custom Tools

Heavy Metal:Way to a 45-110

Teach the Children

Removing a Separated Cartridge Case

February 2006

Stevens-Pope Barrels

Kermitool's New Lubricant

CPA/Getz Project Rifle, Part 3

The Evans Repeating Rifle

A Little Girl's Rifle in the Making

Levergun Leather for Single Shot Shooters

Product Review: Catalog and Sights

The .45-70 Tarheel Country

January 2006

A Pocket Rifle

New GOEX Express Powder

About Lubricants

CPA/Getz Project Rifle

The Single Shot Military Rifle Handbook, Excerpt

A Resurrected Egyptian RB in 38-55

Book Review

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

December 2005

Hints for a Young Riflemen

Small Rifle Primers in the 45-70

Getz Barreled Project Rifle

Sharps of a Different Color

Westley Richards, Patent of 1881

Excerpt from The British SS Rifle, Vol. 4

In Review: Book and Browning Tools

November 2005

Scientific Consideration of the Rifle

Postell Bullet Original Design

Swedish M1867/89 Remington RB

Nostalgic Loads from PMC

Cyber IV Shoot

Match Reports from Sierra Vista, AZ

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

October 2005

Ideal Handbook (an Excerpt)

Adventures with a Flash Hole Swage Die

Comparing Ballistics: Percussion & CF .40-40 Maynard

French Gras Rifle, M1874/80/14

Black Powder Rams, Part 3

2005 NRA Nationals, Raton, New Mexico

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

Product Review: Front & Tang Sights

September 2005

The Rise and Development of the American Rifle

Wanted! Primer Pocket Adapter Bushings

Rehabilitating an Old Remington Rolling Block

Retiring to the World of Black Powder & Bullet Casting

How Much Is Enough?

38-55/1885: Numbers Made In Heaven

Putting KIK Powder to the Test

Product Review: Sights & Gunsmithing; Catalogue

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

Testing a New Electric Furnace

August 2005

George Gibbs & John Farquharson

Shooter's Photography

LETS Fluxing Agent

High Noon


My First Year Shooting BPCR Matches

Product Review: Lugs and LR Sight

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

Buffington Sight Adjustment Tool

July 2005

The Stevens 22-15-60

One Good First Shot-Snover Style

A Better Way to Control BPCR Fouling

Short Bullets, a Low Wall & a Long Beard

Still More Smoke on 12-Bore Rifles

My First Rifle Waits 45 Yrs to be Fired

The 1878 Borchardt

Commonly Called "Lodi"

June 2005

The Mad Rifleman

David's Sharps 40-70BN

The Rattle of Musketry

New Book: Custom Gunmakers of the 20th Century

Some More Smoke on 12-Bore Rifles

Reworking the Mod 1885 Winchester

The Russian M1870/91 Berdan

Finishing a Gunstock, Part 2

Silver Screen Legend Drawing

May 2005

The Ideal Company at Sea Girt

A Primer Pocket Swaging Die

A Dream Come True

The 2005 World Creedmoor Match

Inside the Gun Crank's Head

Notes from the Modern Single Shot Marketplace

It's Not a Shotgun; It's a 20-Bore Rifle

April 2005

The .30 Caliber Reduced Load

Bullet Casting Tips

Proper Barrel Break In

Borchardt Resurrection

A Splendid Starter Rifle, Part 2

The Other Frank Wessons

The 50-140 Sharps, Was It?

Simple Testing of Pure Metals and Eutectic Alloys

Local Legends of the Savage 219

Experiments with Cast Bullet Lube Migration

March 2005

Testing Rifle Loads

Small Diameter Flash Holes: Conclusions

There "Ain't No Such Thing" as a 14-Gauge

Converting a .32 Rimfire Low-Wall

22LR, Buffalos and 300 Yards

A Splendid Starter Rifle, Part 2

Beauties and Beasts

Fifty Five Years in the Wall

An Interesting Sharps Carbine

Experiments with Cast Bullet Lube Migration

Shooting the Henry Rifle

February 2005

An Outing in the North, Part III

More About Small Diameter Flash Holes

A Poor Man's Twelve Bore: Lessons Learned

Not "For Sale"

Guedes, Gaddoes, Joubert

Rebuilding & Shooting a Hepburn

A King of a Target

Product Review: New Sights from Lee Shaver

Goex Develops New Replica Black Powder

January 2005

An Outing in the North

Primer Comparison

A Poor Man's Twelve Bore

Still the Favorite

Saga of the Martini Cadets

Annealing Wheelweight Alloy

December 2004

Twenty-Two Caliber Experiments, Pt 2

Gun Show Hints

Building a Schuetzen Rifle

The Sharps-Borchardt Hunter's Model

Shooting Ranges of the 21st Century

Petonica River Long Rifle Supply Col

Fun with My Little Ballard

November 2004

Twenty-Two Caliber Experiments

Small Dia. Flash Holes

Building a Schuetzen Rifle

A Tale of a Stevens Pocket Rifle

The 45-90, An All Purpose Rifle

Product Review: Bore Brushes & X-Stix

Ruger Elephant Rifle

October 2004

Pope Universal Moulds

The Primer Wad

Stevens Pistols & Pocket Rifles

Build a Proper Bench

The Springfield 50-70 Trapdoor

Good Results Using Goex Powder

The Latest in Frontier Attire

Shooting the New Winchester 1885 Low Wall

H&A Falling Block SS Shotgun

September 2004

New York Independent Schuetzen Corps.

Lyman: 125 Years of Service

Feeding the "Big Fifty"

A Splendid Starter Rifle

A 380 W.&C. Scott Rook Rifle

Lessons of 111 Pig Week

Product Review: Book, Cleaning Kit, Flash Target

Shooting the Austrian M1866 Wanzl

Rupertus Twist-Open Shotgun

August 2004

Rifles and Implements

HIgh Shot Syndrome

Loading the 44-77 BN

Farrow's No. 2 Standard Rifle

A Bigger Bullet Is Better in the .43 Spanish

Ruger "Still on My Mind"

Measuring Odd Groove Rifling

Eau Claire Schuetzen Match

Product Review: Taylors & Co.; Shooter's Box

July 2004

Target for Equalization of Calibers

My Moderately Modified Martini Metford

Assembling a 44-77 BN

The Great Blackpowder Shootout

A Voyage in Time

Napoleon's Namesake

June 2004

Letter by H.M. Pope

Shooting the Martini Henry

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Novice Seeking Help

Ruger "On My Mind"

World Creedmoor 2004

Projects, My Friends, Beget Projects

Cimarron "Big Fifty"

New Clubs Forming

Match Reports

Going to Extremes

May 2004

Facts and Hints About Schuetzen Rifles

Casting with the Nose-Pour Mould

Why Choose a Single Shot?

Casting Ventilation

The Ballard 38-55

Martini Rifles and the Zulu War

Black Powder, Lead and Mbogo

Product Review: Wads, Tin, Firearms book, Winchester Rifles

April 2004

Ventilated Rifle Barrel

Another Look at the Werndl

The Rolling Block: Some Ways to Add a Scope

The Snider: A Shooting Project with History

New Help for Tired Eyes

The 1874 Pedersoli Sharps

Shootin' the Breeze: World Creedmoor 2004

Product Review: Replica Catalog; Sight Products

Match Reports

March 2004

Experimenting with a Ballard

Elevation, Yes; Windage, No!

Success, It Tastes Like Chickens!

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Anatomy of a Custom Stock

Ptarmigan and a Maynard Shotgun

Two Tang Sights from Pedersoli

Match Reports

February 2004

An Old Rifle, and Its Story

Product Review: Buttplate Screws

Brooks' New Bullet Moulds

The Hudson Bullet and the Remington Hepburn

Shooting the .43 Spanish Rolling Block

The Collection

How I Learned to Do "the Werndl"

Building a Case

Product Review: Beech Combination Sights

Match Reports

January 2004

The New Minister's Christmas

Challenging Recoil

The Story of One Ballard

Percussion Sharps Rifle

Morning Reflections, Fall 2003

21st Century Bullets for the 19th Century Rifle

Single Shot Orphan

Some Old Ideas Never Die

Brief History of the Trapdoor Springfield

The Buffalo Shoot

December 2003

Modern American Rifles: A Hunting Rifle, Part 2

The Kermit Hoke Tang Sight

More on Black Powder Rams

My Mystery Martini Mistake

First Ever National Grand Slam!!

Shooting Fun with an Old Martini Cadet

Shooting the .43 Spanish RB

Product Review: new book & powder measure

A Vermont Moose and a Ruger No. 1

November 2003

Modern American Rifles: A Hunting Rifle, Part 1

The Rowell Ladle

The Stevens 44-1/2 Yesterday and Today

A Side Lever Martini

The Model 1866 Springfield

The .45-70 on the Tundra

Think Before You Shoot!

October 2003

Rifles and Bullets

Ceramic Tumbling Media

A Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear

The Soper Single Shot Rifle

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

The Story of the Three #4 Remington RBs

Bench Mounted Cross Sticks

A Few More Reloading Tricks

Parlor Gun?

September 2003

The Shooting Crank

A Safe Cartridge Seater

Frontier Leather

123 Years Old and Going Strong

A Compression Gauge

Remington Rolling Block 40-70 Bottleneck

How to Mess Up a Beautiful Day

The Remington #7 Rolling Block

August 2003

A New England Outing, Part 2

The Snover Deep-Hole Eye Cup

Scopes: More Observations & Opinions

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Hepburn Happiness!!!

The .303 Savage

July 2003

A New England Outing, Part 1.

Saga of a Bullet Mould

Building a Muzzleloading Schuetzen

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Make Mine a Martini

Going Dutch: 1875 Beaumont

Books in Review

More Fun with a Single Shot

June 2003

Rifles of Yesteryear: Single Shot Hunting Rifles

A Tale of Two Sharps: Carbines

T'was a Dry Heat


Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

May 2003

The Modern American Rifle, Part 9

More Maynard Mania

Do the Set Triggers Work?

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Silhouette Rifle for the Jr. Shooter, Part 2

Bumping the Tapered Bullet

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

April 2003

The Modern American Rifle, Part 8

Pronghorn Hunting

Demise of the Browning 1885

The Modern .45-70

A Real Sleeper!! (28-30 Stevens)

Silhouette Rifle for the Jr. Shooter

Product Review: Color Case Hardening

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

March 2003

The Modern American Rifle, Part 7

Got Ammo?

Smokeless Loads for BP Rifles

Lyman's New 457577 Tapered Bullet

Shooting the .310 Cadet

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

February 2003

The Modern American Rifle, Part 6

A What Cheer Peabody

BP Rams Are Different

The Farrow Rifle

.30-06 Ruger #1 Cast Bullet Rifle

Trek to Ft. Randall Trapdoor Shoot

Product Review: Sights and Ladles

Book Reviews: Old German Target Arms; Silhouettes

AZ State BPCS Championship

January 2003

The Modern American Rifle, Part 5

Crazy John

Crafting Homemade Shooting Sticks

When a .50 Is Just Too Small

Journal of a Gun Nut

In Memoriam: Navy Arms' Val Forgett

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Product Review: Gun Care Products and Rifles

December 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 4

Remington's Custom Shop Rolling Blocks

Scopes: Some Observations & Opinions

Having Fun with the Stevens 44-1/2

The Ghost of Old Tip, Part 2

BP Moly and Bore Butter

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

November 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 3

Little Loads for Little People

An Introduction to the Ballard LR Rifles

World Creedmoor Invitational 2002

The Ghost of Old Tip

Ruger No. 1 Love Affair

Product Review: Scope, Rifle, Book, Cleaning Rod

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Gaining Popularity

The Trapdoor Shoot

October 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 2

The Ghosts, the Buck and the .40-82

One Ugly Gun

Maj. Ned Roberts & the Schuetzen Rifle

Ballards I've Known and Loved

Product Review: Books & Bullets

September 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 1

Joe Seeley: Gunsmith & Engraver

A What????!!!! A "Benny"

The Mystique of the British Big Bore

Introduction to BPCR Loading

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

August 2002

A Veteran Rifleman and Pioneer Gunsmith

The .38-55 and the Silhouettes

The Trapdoor Over the Door

OId Age and Treachery

Dan'l Fraser Highlander Falling Block

Alex Henry Moose Hunt

Shooting an Original 25-21 Stevens

Product Review: Flash Target

H&R Mod 157 & Stevens 414 Armory Mod 22

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

July 2002

From a British Point of View

The Blanket Gun

A Fox, A Dog and A Boy

Tale of Two Rifles, Part II

Your .45-120 Sharps Will Shoot!

Product Review: Peters and King book; Keritool Hoke Sights

Butch's Black Powder Bore Shine

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

June 2002

Rifle Telescopes, Part 3.

Single Shots Come In Different Sizes

A W.W. Greener Martini Cadet in the Woods

Milestone Memory

A Rare Collection of Single Shots

Maximum Performance from your "Trapdoor"

Product Review: Pioneer Products Sight Insert Rotator, Re-De capper, Spotting Board

   The Wire-Cutting RB & the Blimp-Shooting Double Barrel

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

May 2002

Rifle Telescopes, Part 2.

Browning Trigger Job in a Bag!

Proper Stock Repair

In Search of Lead

Casting with the Nose-Pour Mould

Buffalo Arms New Products

The Hunter's Cartridge Companion

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Product Review: Croft Book & Parsons Scope Caps

April 2002

Rifle Telescopes, Part 1.

A Tale of Two Rifles, Part 1.

The 8-Phase Casting Cycle, Part 2.

The Great American West Buffalo Hunt

The Shot, the Church and the Fox

Product Review: 1874 Sharps, Cleaning Rods & Scope Blocks

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

March 2002

The Flight of Projectiles Nos. X & XI

Big Medicine: Shooting a .405 Win. Mod. 1895

Case Stretching and Separation

The 8-Phase Casting Cycle

The Portuguese Guedes

The B.S. A. No. 8 Aperture Sight

My .45-70 Deer

February 2002

Individual Instruction (shooting):Part 2.

Product Review: Leather Vest

Battle of the Actions (25-35 Winchester)

Shooting the Dreyse

A Rolling Block in 50-70

January Buck

A Trapdoor Sporter

A Battle Sight for a Hi-Wall?

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

A Rolling Block Bear

January 2002

Individual Instruction (shooting):Part 1.

King Machine Service, Ltd.

Twelve-Mile Ranch's LRBP Shoot

Shooting the 7.5X53.5 Swiss

Use of Type Metal for Casting Bullets or Ball

Swinging Silhouettes

Review: Stukey's Sturdy Shooting Bench

Loading the 50-70 for Silh. Competition (Revisited)

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

December 2001

Holding the Rifle

New Lyman Bullet & Nose-Pour Mould

An Unusual Martini

Der CPA Sonder Schuetzen

Caribou, A Daughter, Cross-Sticks, and a Single Shot

Another 22

Review: BPC Silhouette Handbook

Sierra Vista Rod & Gun Club

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

November 2001

.22-Calibre Cartridge

"The Smell of Cordite"

Need a Rifle? Make a Rifle

Restoration of a Remington RB Action

A Return Visit with Sir Alfred G. Greenhill

Notes on the Strength of the Small Martini Action

Granddad, the Trapdoors and Me

Mid-West Blackpowder Championship

October 2001

A Rifleman's Experience

A Look at the Pope Style Bullet

The Ideal "Grand Slam"

The Griffin-Fraser Action

"I've Never Shot a T/C Before"

"Smithing" a Highwall

Trapdoor Down Under

HBSA LR Vintage Rifle Championship

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Pioneer Products Custom Molds

More Remarks on the Quigley Match

September 2001

Something About Lubricants

A New Trail

The Flobert-Warnant

A Rook Rifle Restoration

A Case for a Stevens

Full Circle: 44-100 Peabody-Martini

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Product Review: Hadley Eyecup, Cartridge Blocks

August 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 17

Girl Scouts, E.M. Farris & the 405 WCF

Lyman Neck Sizing Dies

Bringing Down "the Big One"

World's Only Full Coverage Daisy

Loading the 50-70 for Silhouette Competition

Custom Stocking a Stevens 417

Just When You Thought Your Hobby Was Safe

My Remington Rolling Block

A "One-Man, One-Day" Gun Show

Eastern 60 Shot BPCR Champion

2001 California State BPC Championship

Product Review: Bullet Casting Book, Nose Pour Mould, Chrome Moly Barrels

July 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 16

Butch's Triple Twill Cleaning Patches

The Long & Short of It: Shooting the BPCR in Hot Weather

Mystery Bullet Lubricant

The Winchester-Hotchkiss Rifle

New Barrels Need New Techniques

The 416/348 JD Jones

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Product Review: Swinger Silhouette Targets & Buffalo Hunts

June 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 15

What Is It Worth?

Lucrezia Borgia Revisited: the 50-70 Trapdoor

Creedmoor: 1874-1890

Trials & Tribulations of Bullet Making

An Old Rolling Block Shoots Again

Shooting the BSA Martini Cadet Rifle

Resurrection of a High Wall

The Fort Randall "Trapdoors" Ride Again

Product Review: Rem. Hepburn Action Kits & KIK Black Powder

May 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 14

Still on Active Duty: the .45-70

Another Single Shot: Mod. 1868 Peabody

The .256 Flanged

A "Who Dun It" Mystery

A Look at the Nose Pour Mould

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Rook Rifles

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

April 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 13

A Gun Owner's Dilemma

Starline .45 2.6-Inch Brass

Hard Fouling in the BPCR & the Buffalo Match, Part 2

A Unique Scope

My Introduction to a Schuetzen Match

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

March 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 12

Honey & Hulk: A Tale of Two Rolling Blocks

Hard Fouling in the BPCR & the Buffalo Match

The Toggenburger

Fun Shootin' on a Windy Day

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

February 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 11

Did Mossberg Miss the Boat?

Making Brass and Loading for the Vetterli

A Love Affair with Martinis, Part 2

Important Things to Remember: H.M. Pope

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

January 2001

The John Meyers Story, Part 10

The Newton Rifle

A Little Fooling Around with Projects

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

A Love Affair with Martinis, Part 1

Redding's Competition Bullet Seating Die

A Most Amazing Continental Single Shot

Cleaning Brass Cases

December 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 9

Model 1878 Sporting Rifle: A Sharps Borchardt in .45-100

Shooting the Early Wildcats, Part 4

BPCR Silhouette: Methods and Procedures

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

European BPC Military Rifles

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

November 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 8

My First Sharps

You Don't Have to Shoot

An Eight-Bore Single Shot

The Long Range Game, Part II

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Book Review: The Winchester Single Shot, Vol. II

Product Review: Long Range Soule Sights

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

October 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 7

The Two-Day Special

Rebirth of a Ballard

A Strange Martini

The Trapdoor and the Gemsbok

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Entrophy of a Projectile

Product Review: Book & Leather

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

September 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 6

Classic Plinkers

Walnut, Steel and A Little Piece of Ebony

Proper Range Etiquette

The Long Range Game

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Make Mine Vegetable Fiber

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

The Curlew Bay Club

August 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 5

Practice Makes Perfect

Slug Measurements

The Shooting Gods Smile

Stories of a Few Old Maynards

User Report on the Uberti High Wall

Corrosion & Rusting: BP & Pyrodex

The New Turbo Carver

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

R&R Rolling Block

July 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 4

A Mystery Rifle: A Kynoch

A Blurb About Over Stabilization

My First Shoot

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

June 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 3

A Greener Martini Sporting Rifle

The Big Fifty Isn't Dead!

A Tale of Three Maynards, Part 3

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Bumped in Idaho

May 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 2

Thoughts o Reloading BPCR Ammunition

The Find of a Lifetime

Shooting the Sharps 40 1-11/16"

Shooting the Early Wildcats, Part 3

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Shooting the Roberts Conversion

April 2000

The John Meyers Story, Part 1

Finishing a Gunstock

Trials with a Spanish Rolling Block

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Ballard No. 2 Sporting Rifle

An Elegant Single Shot

Product Review: BP Substitute, Custom Rifles Book, Cast Bullets


March 2000

The Stevens "Favorite"

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

The Buffalo Hunt

The Plight of the Tight Chamber

Traditional Creedmoor Wyoming Territory Style

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Tragedy on the Firing Line

Browning 1885 Trigger

Of Bullets and Crosswinds

February 2000

Holding the Rifle.

Lunch Bucket Squirrel

Simple Success to BP Long Range Shooting

Rarest Stevens?

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

A Visit with Sir Alfred George Greenhill

A Black Bear and an Old Hiwall

Product Review: Sight Insert Box

Copper Jacketed Bullets

January 2000

Target Sights for Rifles

Bullet Lubrication and Barrel Leading

A Tale of Three Maynards, Part 2

McDonald Sportsmen's Club

U.S. Historic Arms Shooters Assoc.

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

December 1999

Fifty Years Devoted to Rifle Shooting

Long Range Dreams & Long Range Plans

Association Bulletin

Another Old Webley

Product Review: Cartridge Display Cases & Martini Rifles

The Old Wringer Washer

Loading for the Werdnl Carbine

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

November 1999

Deflection of Bullets by Wind

Collector's Corner:Webley & Scott

Out on the Range

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

The Scent of Hoppes

A Discovered "Celebrity" Among Maynard Rifles

Norma 45-Cal. Basic Cases

Loading for the Werndl Carbine

October 1999

Rifle Telescopes

Adventures in Gunsmithing

Collector's Corner:Alex Henry's Hammer Rifle

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

1999 World LR BP Championship

Rebuilding a Rook Rifle

The Shiloh Sharps No. Three Sporting Rifle

Bob Roller's Cutoff Plates

Fine Craftsmen in Wisconsin & Illinois, Part1

September 1999

Woodchucks and Guns To Hunt Them With

Shooting a 25-20 Low-Wall

Collector's Corner-The Mitrailleuse Gun

A Tale of Three Maynards

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Bullet Stability

Shooting the Early Wildcats, Part 2

Product Review: Portable Hand Reloading Tools; Scope Repair; Classic Gunmaking Video

August 1999

Smokeless Loads for Target Rifles

The 3-¼" Case: A Reloading Comparison

Collector's Corner-The Multi-Purpose Gun, an H&A Long Gun

Daydreaming of My New Model 1877 Sharps

Lyman's Moly Coat Kits

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

New Hunting Ethics

An Original but Lowly Single Shot

McDonald Sportsmen's Club

More on Case Anomalies & Some New Cases to Try

Indexing Radial Balance

July 1999

Cast Bullets in High Power Rifles

Acquiring Another Martini

Collector's Corner-"Watanya Cicilia"

Minor Ramblings About High Walls & Plating

Measuring Norma's 45 Basic Case

Shooting as a Science

June 1999

Love and the Rochester Rifle, Part 3

Another Collectable, the Starr Breech-Loading Carbine

Trapdoor Sporting Rifle

The Shooting Platform

Collector's Corner-H&A No. 722 Boy's Rifle

The Peat Bog Buck

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Product & Book Review: Gun Powder Book, Holsters & Belts

May 1999

Love and the Rochester Rifle, Part 2

A New Silhouette Rifle

A Re-Lined "Rook"

Duckbill Perch on or in the Umpque River

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner-Compact Falling Block Action

The Fabled Farquharson

New Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited

Product Review: Cartridge Belts, Gun Powder, Brass Cases, Sight Book

April 1999

Love and the Rochester Rifle, Part 1

Custom Big Bore Low Wall

Gunshows as a Fix

In Review: Eyecup, Cartridge Cases, Scope blocks, Stevens 44-½ Parts, Book on Farquharsons

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Meriden's Boys Rifles

Some Thoughts on the Sharps Borchardt Action

The New Lyman No. 55 Classic Powder Measure

"Spit Shine"

Here Is How I Clean My Brass

How to Read a Vernier Sight

March 1999

Catalogues and Implements

A Life-Long Affair

An Itinerant Cartridge

An Unexpected Reward

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collectors's Corner: Another "Thumb Trigger" Rifle

The 1999 S.H.O.T. Show

February 1999

Fancy and Trick Rifle Shooting

More Ramblings with the Colonel

Two Shots One Elk with a Hiwall

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner:H.A. Buck Rifle

Shooting the Early Wildcats, Part 1

Here's How: BP Brass Cleaning

January 1999

Modern American Rifles: A Target Rifle, Part 2

Ramblings with the Colonel

A Remington Hepburn 40-70 Sharps Necked

Undersized Bullets

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

One Great Gun

Collector's Corner: The Schuetzen, A Work of Art

A Girl in Deer Camp?!?

December 1998

Modern American Rifles: A Target Rifle, Part 2

Still More on Bumping

Collar Buttons from the Past

The Two Deer Log

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Case Forming for Single Shots

Collector's Corner:Single Shots of Another Kind

Shoot Your Werndl

Another Tale of "Hidden Treasures"

A Brief Look at Wads

Book Review: 1890 Maynard Catalog

November 1998

The .28-30 Stevens & Other Rifles

More on Bumping

"Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda"

New to the Sport: Muzzleloading

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: The Camp Perry Colt

Shoot That Old Webley

Caseforming the .310 Cadet Cartridge

Here's How: Bullet Casting

Product Review: Book & Sight

Here's How: Making Nose Punches

October 1998

My First Buck.

Ups and Downs of LR Shooting

HDS .405 Basic Cases

The Gun We Use Most

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: God-Father of Single Shots

Is Moly Magic?

Report on Uberti Hi-Wall

September 1998

Imperfect Muzzles

Bullet Bumps

Lee Shaver's Sight Conversions

A Confederate Colonel's Colt

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Winchester's SS Charade

Shiloh Sharps Timber Rifles

August 1998

Bluing Iron and Steel

Teaching Children to Become Single Shot Shooters

Loading for the Beaumont

The Perfect Varmint Rifle?

Buffalo Arms Catalog In Review

Collector's Corner: The Union Rifle

A Dream Come True

Smith Enterprises and the 1874 Sharps Receiver

Product Review: Falling Block Action & Gunsmithing

July 1998

Case Hardening

A Rifle for All Seasons

Green Coats and Sharp Shooter Wannabees

The Front Aperture on B&W Targers

Collector's Corner: The Macabre Single Shot?

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Elephant Brand BP Loading Tips

Product Review: Inserts and Eyecups

June 1998

The Art of Bullet Making

Gold and Ballards Are Where You Find Them

My First Encounter with a Bear While Hunting

Prepare to Repel Boarders: Rem. RB Carbine

.45-Calibre Cartridge Cases from Huntington

Collector's Corner: Winchester's Snake Gun

Rosettes and Dancing Lessons

Product Review: Rifle Course, Moulds, Gunsmithing

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

May 1998

A Mayor and a Rifleman on Rifles and Missiles

The Mighty Minie: Hunting with the Rifle-Musket

My Long Range Sharps Borchardt

Here's How: Converting a Rem. RB Breech Block

Hidden Treasures: Bolt Action European Military BPCRs

Are We Testing Our BPCR Loads Correctly?

Collector's Corner: Creedmoor, the 3rd Dimension

Brass Cases for BP Shooting

The 1998 Las Vegas S.H.O.T. Show

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

My First Martini

April 1998

Individuality in Firearms

Hunting Bears with Single Shots

A New Game Is Born

Chickens in the Mist: BPCS Near Misses & Ringers (Part 4)

Women on the Firing Line

Collector's Corner: The SS That Wasn't Planned

Getting Organized for Shooting

Book Review

Product Review: Lube & Catalog

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Shooting a Ballard No. 4 Sporter

March 1998

The Stevens .25-15-60 Rifle

The New Uberti High Wall

My 44-100 Peabody-Martini Creedmore

Chickens in the Mist: BPCS Reloading (Part 3)

The Big Fifty on Silhouettes

Collector's Corner: Warner's War Baby

Product Review: A New Tang Sight

Book Review: Freund Bros., British Single Shots

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

February 1998

Peculiarities of Rifles

Shooting the Fifty Sharps

Chickens in the Mist: the BPC Game (Part 2)

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Winter Rifle Practice

Shooting the Chassepot Needle Gun

John Walters' Vegetable Fiber Wads

ASSRA Regional Long Range BP Match

Product Review: Sights, Cases & Brass

Reflections on Raton '97

January 1998

H.M. Pope: Last of the Great Gunsmiths

Shooting the .32-35 Stevens

Chickens in the Mist: the BPC Game (Part 1)

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: .30 Caliber Rimfire Guns

Product Review: Guns, Belts & Caps

Federal Premium Quality .45-70 Cartridge Cases

December 1997

Col Pickett's Rifle

Principal Forces & Conditions Target Shooting

The .45 Winchester Express

Thoughts on the Hepburn

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: German Shooting Rifle Expert

Cookies, Sandwiches & Grease Grooves

Product Review: Sights & Knives

50-90 Sharps Cartridge Cases from Huntington

November 1997

Data on Reloading Expenses

Confessions of a Rifleman

Springfield45/70 Trapdoor Sights

In Search of the "Secret"

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Little Shotguns

The "X" Error Revisited

Product Review: BPCS Video & Globe Sight Inserts

Lone Star Rolling Block Rifle

October 1997

The Ideal and the Reality in Rifle Shooting

Amateur Gunsmithing

BPC Notes: Some Thoughts on Killing

Shooting the Big Fifty Sharps

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Return of the Stevens 44-½

How to Save a Buck on a BPC Rifle

Product Review: Dixie's Bore Rider Bullet Mould

Scheutzen Gallery Shooting

September 1997

Women Who Shoot

Rifles and Rifle Shooting, Part II

In Memoriam: Turner Edward Kirkland

Shooting the Burnside Carbine

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Book Review: Books by Carder and Matthews

Collector's Corner: Smith and Wesson

The X-Error

Product Review: A New Single Shot Action

The Boretex #670 Cleaning Patch

The .35 Winchester

August 1997

No Luck. A Bullseye Ballad.

Rifles and Rifle Shooting, Part I

BPC Notes: Lucian Cary's J.M. Pyne Stories

Breech Seating: How and Why It Works

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: The Return of the Rolling Blocks

Spots: Sweet and Sour

Product Review: Action Kits & Barreled Actions

High Wall Reminiscences

Cape Outfitters New Pedersoli Creedmoor Sight

July 1997

Meditations and Reflections

The Scientific Coaching of the Rifleman

BPC Notes: Shooting the New Remington Creedmore

Powder Smoke in the Flatlands

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: The Peerless Pocket Pistol

How Square Are Your Bullet Bases?

First World Long Range BP Rifle Match

Product Review: Stevens Scope Mounts and Husqvarna Rifles

Midwest Regulators Annual Match

New .50-70 Cartridge Cases from Huntington

June 1997

The .45-70 at Two Miles

BPC Notes: Spotting Equipment

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Forgotten Rifle/Shotgun

Chamber Casting

Product Review: Measuring, Carrying, Shooting and Sighting Equipment

Resurrecting A Varminter

May 1997

Nations and Humanity

BPC Notes: BPCRS-An Evolution

Train Up a Child

The Longest Shot in the Old West

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: A Single Shot Is a Single Shot

Product Review: Sights, Lube Extruders & Wad Punches

Shooting the Snider-Enfield

Of Old Men and Guns

Low-Wall Hornet Experiments

April 1997

Was on the Buffalo Range

Interchanging System for RF & CF Rifles

BPC Notes: The 1997 S.H.O.T. Show

Remington's Centennial Rolling Block

Who Needs a .50-90?

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Silent Shooters

Here's How: Measuring Bullets & Bores

Book Review: British Falling Block Breechloading Rifle

Product Review: Bullets, Sacks, Oil & Rifles

My Old Schuetzen

Casting Perfect Bullets

March 1997

Effect of Wind on Flying Bullets

BPC Notes: Loading for Black Powder

Bullet Design for BPC Rifles

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Workbench Gremlins

Product Review: Tang Sights and Cut-Off Plates

Some Thoughts on Wads

Here's How: Restoration

February 1997

Marksmanship Past & Present, Part 1

BPC Notes: The Kansas Club

A Different Look at Ballistic Coefficient

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Smith Guns

Product Review: Tang Sights and Double Set Triggers

Ethical Hunting

Here's How: Bullet Moulds

January 1997

Smokeless versus Blackpowder

BPC Notes: The Rolling Block Returns

Black Powder Gold & Super Moly Bullet Lubes

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Profile of Bud Greevy

Book & Product Reviews: Recognizing Side by Side Shotguns; 

   RBs, Double Shotguns & Stocks

The Alaskan 1886 Winchester

Here's How: The Stevens .25

December 1996

Firearms That Have Helped Me

BPC Notes: Loading Techniques Survey Results

Improving the Cutoff Plate

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: The Brown Military Target Rifle

Product Review: Shirts, Buffalo Skulls & Cartridge Belts

Bringing Back A Borchardt

November 1996

Twenty-Two Caliber Experiments

BPC Notes: Equipment Survey Results

The Guedes Rifle

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Browning, the Man Who Made the M1885 Winchester

What's So Important About An Outside Hammer

Product Review: Malcolm Mounts-Leather Products-Wad Punch

October 1996

The Single-Barreled Gun

BPC Notes: Preliminary Results from Equipment & Load Survey

Here's How: Using the Lee Shaver 22 Cal Practice Barrel

Cleaning BP Cartridge Cases

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: From Powder Horn to Cartridge

Black Powder Safety

Product Review: Gun Cleaning Products & Pyrodex "Pellets"

September 1996

Origin of Rifled Fire Arms

BPC Notes: Calibers & Bullet Selection

Hunting with a 32-40 Remington Hepburn

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

New BPCR Match Records Set

30th Pioneer Schuetzenfest

Collector's Corner: The Rifleman's Rifleman, W.M. Farrow

Sighting In

Product Review: Boys Rifles, Gun Cases & Cartridge Cases

August 1996

The Bullet's Flight by F.W. Mann

Book Review: 1885 Maynard Catalogue

BPC Notes�Equipment & Load Survey Form

Shooting the Two Trigger Frank Wesson

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector's Corner: Everybody's An Expert

The .40 Caliber Ballard

Product Review: Relettering Service, Shooting Supplies & Action Castings

July 1996

America's Crack Rifle Shots

BPC Notes�Wind Drift: L/R, Up/Down

The .25-25 Stevens

Notes from a Gun Collector's Wife

Collector' Corner: Evans, the Pride of Mechanic Falls

Accurate Arms Powder for BP Cartridges

Product Review: Rifles and Powder Measures

June 1996

Rifle Jottings and More

BPC Notes�Sighting In: New Range

Hunting Critters in Rose Valley

Hunting with the 577-450 Martini Henry

Quality Gunshows Return to Columbus, Ohio

Collector's Corner: Hagn, Artist At Work

Breaking in a New Rifle Barrel

Product Review: NEI Bullet Moulds

May 1996

A Word for The Hornet

BPC Notes�The Future of Shooting Sports

Arnie by William Actermeier

The Sharps Borchardt Hunter's Model

Ramblings on Products & Stuff

Book Review: Today's Old West Traveler Magazine

Collectors Corner: Single Shots Are Not Forgotten

Product Review: King Machine, Red Willow Dry Goods, Parsons Scopes

April 1996

Testing Rifle Loads

Building the RB Rifle, Part 2

BPC Notes: Lessons Learned: Loading Procedures

The Ultimate Muzzle-loading Rifle

Book Review: H&A Falling Blocks & Other Single Shots

Collector's Corner: The Kirkwood Rifle

William Wurfflein: On Target for the '90s

Product Review: Shooter's Boxes

March 1996

Backwoods Workmanship

BPC Notes: Long Range Accuracy

Building the RB Rifle

Range Time or Gym Time?

Collector's Corner: New 1977 Sharps LR Rifle

Product Review: Casting Accessories

February 1996

Selections from Shooting & Fishing: Dr. Hudson's Score; Rifles of the Future;

   James' Perfect Score

BPC Notes: NRA 1996 New Championship Rules

BPC Shootin' Tips

Shoot'n Arn: Short Range BP Round, the 50-45

Collector's Corner: H&A RB Lever Rifle

National Sportsman Reprint: Campfire Talks: No. 31-Weapons

Product Review: Parsons Dovetail Scope Mounting Blocks; 

   Cleaning Jags, Brushes & Shell Holders; General Gunsmithing & Auto CAD Drawing

January 1996

Loading Paper Cartridges For & Shooting the Sharps Percussion Carbines & Rifles

BPC Notes: Priming Tool Warnings

Collector's Corner: Quackenbush Rolls On

Book Reviews: Dixie Gun Works Antique Arms Catalogue; 

   Guy Lautard's Build Your Own Rifling Machine Video

Product Review: Sub Caliber Adapter

December 1995

A Pioneer Cartridge

BPC Notes: Hunting with the Ballard

Collector's Corner: Wesson, Champion Rifle of the World

Hunting with BP Loads

Book Review: Manual of Rifling and Rifle Sights

Product Review: Scopes, Video & Sights

November 1995

Gallery Firing With the Trapdoor

BPC Notes: Globe Sight Inserts; BP Cleaning Products; 

   Pope Style Re/Decapper; Octagon Barrels; LR Vernier Sights

Smokeless Loads for the .50-70

Shoot'n Arn: Bullets

Collector's Corner: Heal Rifle Company

BP Era Mausers, Dr. Arthur Moore

Book Review: Shooting & Fishing Series

Product Review: Pistols, Bullets & Sights

October 1995

Australian Schuetzenfest 1995

BPC Notes: Bullet Casting Tips

The .45-70 Alive and Well

Collector's Corner: Single Shot Insights

Making Cases for the Spencer

Book Review: The Target Rifle in Australia

Product Review: Stocks, Rests & Tools

September 1995

Smokeless Loads for Target Rifles

BPC Notes: Quality & Attention to Detail Pay Off 

   (An SSE Sept. 1993 Reprint for New Subscribers)

Loading the Sharps Big 50

Collector's Corner: Holden, Gunmaker

The Outside Hammer Peabody

Book Review: The Winchester Single Shot

Product Review: Dies, Guns & Leather

August 1995

Ordnance Notes #340

BPC Notes: Lyman Bullets 457125 vs 457658

Fascination with Single Shots

S. African Match

Collector's Corner: Rider & Remington

Converting the 25RF

Book Review: Dixie Gun Works Antique Arms Catalogue #45

Product Review: Cleaning Rods & Catalogues

July 1995

Rifle Reminiscences

BPC Notes: New Products for the BPCS Shooter

Collector's Corner: Dan Lefever - Rifle Maker

The Last Inch

Book Review: Rifle & Carbine Firing

Product Review: Cards, Guns & Pumps

Grand American Schuetzenfest

June 1995

Shooting Festival in South Australia

BPC Notes: Spotters

Shoot n'Arn: Springfield Armory Sights

All About Relining

Collector's Corner: American Single Shot Target Pistols

How Accurate Is a BP Military Rifle?

Book Review: Still More Single Shot Rifles

Product Review: Stands, Stocks & Punches

Let Me Go Back to the Shooting Range

May 1995

Irish Riflemen in America Part 2

BPC Notes: Wads

Shoot'n Arn: European Rolling Blocks

Grand American Schuetzenfest Update

Building a "Big" Single Shot

Collector's Corner: Single Shot Pistols

Book Review: Spencer Repeating Firearms

Product Review: Rifles & Eye Cups

Shooter's Corner: Shooting Equipment

April 1995

Irish Riflemen in America

BPC Notes: Smokeless Loads for the BPCS Gun

Shoot n'Arn: Triggers, Part 2

Grand American Schuetzenfest, II Ad

Wanna Be Quigleys

Collector's Corner: Stevens Maynard

Book Review: Enfield, The British Soldier's Firearm

Product Review: Oil & Cartridge Boxes

Shooter's Corner: The Million Dollar Race Horse

March 1995

The Man Who Fixes the Guns

BPC Notes: New for 1995

Shoot n'Arn: Triggers, Part 1

Reloading the 44-100 Remington

Collector's Corner: A New Hampshire Rifle

Book Review: The J.M. Pyne Stories

Product Review: Gunstocks

Shooter's Corner: Working Up a Load

February 1995

The Man Who Fixes the Guns

BPC Notes: The .43 Spanish Rolling Block

Shoot'n Arn: How to Buy a Good Shooting Original Remington RB

The Birthday Rifle

Collector's Corner: The Remingtons

Book Review: The Border and the Buffalo

Product Review: Pumps, Stocks, Leather, Accessories & Powder

Shooter's Corner: Using Bench Shooting Equipment

January 1995

Rifleman Extraordinary, Part 2

BPC Notes: Reloading on the Prairie

Shoot'n Arn: How to Buy a Good Shooting Orignal Springfield Rifle

NC Long Range Match Report

Collector's Corner: Non-Remington Clone

Book Review: The Life of Billy Dixon

South African Long Range Match

Shooter's Corner: Benchrest Shooting Basics

December 1994

Rifleman Extraordinary

BPC Notes: New Products for New Shooters

NC Long Range Match Report

Shoot'n Arn: Springfield Trapdoors & Remington RB Military Rifles

Never Underestimate Those Old Rifles

Collector's Corner: Ithaca Model 49

Book Review: H & A Tip Up Shotguns, 1902-1915

Product Review: Guns, Parts & Moulds

November 1994

The Choice of a Rifle

BPC Notes: The Big 50 Sharps and the Buffalo Rifles

Schuetzen Shooting: The Shooting Kit

The Madman of Gaylord's Corner

Collector's Corner: Colt's Borchardt Rifle

Book Review: Home At Last Is the Hunter

Product Review: Rifles, Scopes & Front Sights

October 1994

The Flight of Bullets

BPC Notes: Back to the Basics

Schuetzen Shooting: Shooting Techniques

The Stevens 25 Caliber Rifle

Collector's Corner: Adolph's Falling Block Rifle

Book Review: Stevens Arms Catalogue #50

Product Review: Black Canyon Powder

September 1994

The Boulange Chronograph

BPC Notes: Bullet Casting Tips

We're Moving! (SSE Moves to Historic Building)

Forty Rod Gun by Lucian Cary

Collector's Corner: the Return of the Lyman Scopes

Book Review: Dixie Gun Works Antique Arms Catalogue #44

Product Review: Elephant Brand BP Tests

August 1994

Twist in Rifle Barrels

BPC Notes: The .38-50 Remington

Thoughts on the J. Stevens Company

Single Shots at Custer's Last Stand

Collector's Corner: The Folk Rifle

Book Review: Additional Comments on A Video Visit with Guy Lautard & Bill Fenton

Product Review: Rifle Barrels & Reloading Dies

July 1994

1994 Grand American Schuetzenfest

BPC Notes: New Equipment for 1994

Thank You to Prize Contributors

Collector's Corner: Boys Military Rifle Clones

Book Review: A Video Visit with Guy Lautard & Bill Fenton

Photo Collage 1994 Grand American Schuetzenfest

Product Review: Octagon Barrel Contouring, Engraving & Nickel Plating

June 1994

A Veteran Rifleman & Pioneer Gunsmith

Grand American Schuetzenfest Update

BPC Notes: Paper Patched Bullets

Coors Schuetzenfest

Collector's Corner: H & A Schuetzen Rifle

Scheutzen Shooting: Cartridges & Calibers, New and Old

Product Review: Case Lubes & Gun Cleaning and Preserving Products

May 1994

Rests for Rifle Shooting

Grand American Schuetzenfest Update

BPC Notes: Cleaning the BP Rifle & Cartridge Cases

Book Reviews: Gatling, A Photographic Remembrance; Shooting & Fishing publication

Collector's Corner: Lee's Side Swing Rifle

Schuetzen Shooting: Bits & Pieces from Days Gone By

Product Review: Scopes & Punches

April 1994

An Old-Time Rifle

BPC Notes: Is the .38-55 a BPCS Rifle?

Grand American Schuetzenfest Update

Book Reviews: The Woodchuck Hunter; Hunting with the Twenty-Two

Collector's Corner: Multi-Barrel Guns

Schuetzen Shooting: Prizes and Medals from the "Good Ole Days"

Product Review: Haze Filters & Coin Finishes

March 1994

Rifle Notes from Mexico

BPC Notes: The Effect of Rifle Cant on Bullet Impact

Prescribed Drugs & Guns

Collector's Corner: Colt's Single Shot Rifle

Schuetzen Shooting: The 1994 Grand American Schuetzenfest

Product Review: Sights & Stock Work

February 1994

Among the White Tail in Montana

BPC Notes: Thoughts on Sub-Sonic Wind Drift

It Can't Happen Here

Collector's Corner: W.W. Greener

Still More Casting Notes from Kansas

Product Review: Sights & Recoil Pads

January 1994

National Schuetzen-Bund Festival 1895

BPC Notes: Sight Settings, Bullet Shapes and Ballistic Coefficients

Book Reviews: With Compliments from Col. Colt Video; Peabody Rifle Catalogue Reprint

Shooting the Peregrine System 33

Product Review: The Lone Star Rolling Block Rifle

December 1993

Massachusetts Rifle Association

BPC Notes: Thoughts on Black Powder, Lubes & Grease Grooves

The Brownie, Davenport's Last Rifle

Southeastern Gun Collectors Show

The NC Long Range Match

Product Review: New Ideal Tools

November 1993

The 1895 Sportsman's Exposition

BPC Notes: Shooting the Trapdoor Springfield

The Atlas Rifle

The Peabody Rifle

Schuetzen Shooting: Offhand Shooting with a Schuetzen Rifle

Product Review: Engraver Mike Gouse

October 1993

Modern Rifle Shooting, Dr. W.G. Hudson

BPC Notes: Pennsylvania State 1000 Yd BP Championship Match

More Casting Notes from Kansas

Queen Victoria & The Whitworth Rifle

1.000-Yard Match

Schuetzen Shooting: Building a Schuetzen Rifle, Part 5

Product Review: Liners in 22LR, 22 Hornet, 25, and 32 Caliber; Mark's Gun Shop;

   Breech Seater from Neal Rice

September 1993

My Days in the Schuetzen Game

BPC Notes: Quality and Attention to Detail Pay Off

Casting Notes from Kansas

Powell, Cincinnati Maker

1,000 Yard Shooting

Schuetzen Shooting: Building a Schuetzen Rifle, Part 4

Product Review: Lawson Cummings, Mfg of Telescopic Rifle Sights

August 1993

Coursing Wild Turkeys in Mexico

BPC Notes: Thoughts on Powders and Commercial Cast Bullets

Varmint Rifle Reminiscences

The Early Ballards

Schuetzen Shooting: Building a Schuetzen Rifle, Part 3

Product Review: Mid America Spirit Level Windguage Front Sights; 

   Barrel Blanks; DropKick Computer Ballistics Program

July 1993

A New Rifle & Cartridge

BPC Notes: Cast Receiver Ballards and the .40-50 SS

Browning-Winchester Single Shot by James J. Grant

Building A Quality Bullet Mould, Part 5

Daniel Fraser's Match Rifle

Schuetzen Shooting: Building a Schuetzen Rifle, Part 2

Product Review: Casting Flux & Bullet Lube from Dropkick;

   Bison Mfg, Repro Parts for Single Shots; Barrel Liners from Mark's Gun Shop

June 1993

Patching Bullets

BPC Notes�Getting Started

Shooting the .25-25

Building a Quality Bullet Mould, Part 4

The Wurfflein Rifle

Single Shots at the NRA Convention

Schuetzen Shooting: Building a Schuetzen Rifle, Part 1

Product Review: Shiloh Creek Drop Tube & Gun Oil; Frontier Traders Winchester & 

   Sharps Globe Front Sights; DropKick Gunmate BP Solvent 

May 1993

Confessions of a Rifleman

Long Range Shooting Lives On

BPC Notes: Caliber Selection

Building a Quality Bullet Mould, Part 3

The Quackenbush Rifle

Schuetzen Shooting: Getting Started, Bullets to Use

Product Review: Mid America Recreation Ideal Bullet Seater; 

   Andela Tool & Machine Brass Bullet Moulds; Joe Ruth Spirit Levels

April 1993

Telescopes & Telescopic Sights

My First Antelope Hunt with a .40-65 Sharps

BPC Notes: Achieving uniform performance

Building a Quality Bullet Mould, Part 2

Mr. Peabody's Tipping Block Action

Shooting the 18734 Maynard #9 .35-30 Thick Head

Schuetzen Shooting: Getting Started, Choosing a Rifle

Product Review: Groton Forge Octagon Barrel Milling & Grinding Service;

  CPA Schoyen Style Re/Decapper; Dick Whiter Stock Blanks

March 1993

With a U.S. Springfield Rifle

Shooting the Classics: The Stevens 25Rf

Building a Quality Bullet Mould, Part 1

Collector's Corner: Profile of the Phoenix

Sharp(s) Shooting at Hooten Old Town

Product Review: Wax Wads for BP Cartridges; The Decapping Accessory Tool;

   Rust Bluing

February 1993

A South African Hunting Trip

Collector's Corner: The H & A Lady's Rifle

Silhouette Shooting

January 1993

Ideal and Reality in Rifle Shooting

Collector's Corner: Creedmore from Whitneyville

Schuetzen Shooting: An Introduction to the Sport

Product Review: Ideal Reloading Handbook #5; Loading Tools

December 1992

Wood Powder in .25 Calibre Rifles

Collector's Corner: The Sharps Borchardt

Product Review: Boxes & Books

November 1992

.22 Calibre Cartridges

Collector's Corner: The Fabled Flobert

Product Review: SPG BP Cartridge Reloading Primer; Weber Breech Seater; 

   The Military Remington RB Rifle

October 1992

Confessions of Diana

Collector's Corner: A Side Path in Collecting

Product Review: On Refinishing & Cleaning

September 1992

The Stevens 25 Caliber Rifle and Rim-Fire Cartridge

Collector's Corner: The Maynard Rifles

Product Review: Peregrine System 33 Actions

August 1992

Double Rest Rifle Shooting With a Muzzle Loader

Collector's Corner: The Last "Ideal Rifle"

Product Review: Repro Stevens Sights

July 1992

Rapid Firing Match with Winchester Rifles

Collector's Corner: An Unusual Stevens "Side Plate"

Product Review: Northern Precision Custom Swaged Bullets;

   Marill Productions, The History of the Bowie Knife video;

   Single Shot Rifles, Finale; Stevens Pope Palm Rest; 

   Rice Breech Seater; Redmans Reboring and Rerifling

June 1992

Hunting the Bison on the Staked Plains

Here's How: Relining Junker 22 Cal Single Shots

Collector's Corner: H & A Target Pistols

Product Review: The Alleghany Single Shot Rifle

May 1992

History of the San Francisco Schuetzen Verein

Here's How: Offhand Shooting Practice

Collector's Corner: The Page-Lewis Boys Rifles

Product Review: Shooting and Fishing Publication

April 1992

The Rifle Crank

Here's How: Click Adjustable ¼ Minute Windguage Front Sight

Collector's Corner: The Mossberg Model L

Product Review: A New Click Adustable Tang Sight

March 1992

The Lyman Rifle-Rest

Here's How: Bluing Method

Collector's Corner: Collectors Are Born Not Made

Product Review: The CPA 44-½ Stevens-Pope Reproduction

February 1992

Fine Shooting with a Maynard Rifle

Here's How: Adding a Scope to an Old Target Rifle

Collector's Corner: Those Early Model Stevens Favorites

Product Review: Navy Arms Full and ¾ Length Scopes

December 1991,January 1992

Miss Annie Oakley

Here's How: Good Ammo for 25 RF Rifles

Collector's Corner: Harrington & Richardson Pocket Revolvers

November 1991

A History of the German Rifle Club of Charleston, SC

Collector's Corner: The Hopkins and Allen Model 722

Product Review: Pope Style Bullet Lubricating Grease Pump

October 1991

The Art of Bull's-Eye Hitting the Same Now as in the Past

Collector's Corner: Antique and Modern Scopes, A Comparison

Product Review: A Report on Paul Jones Moulds

September 1991

An Expert Kentucky Pistol-Shot

Collector's Corner: Gallery Shooting at the Turn of the Century

Coors Schuetzenfest, 1982 & 1991: History Repeats Itself

Product Review: Winchester Walker or Scroll Type Lever Casting

August 1991

Electrical Sight for Rifles

Those Old Spencers Are Shooting Again

July 1991

Ladies Day at the Rifle Range

June 1991

President Opens National Championship Rifle Match

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